China Global Compliance Summit 2024

International compliance requirement is becoming increasingly strict, most countries have intensified law enforcement efforts on compliance issue, uncertainty in international relations and emerging disputes made the international compliance increasingly complex. From long term perspective, the “Belt and Road” and “Going Global” trends will not change, meanwhile the Chinese government’s compliance guidelines will be more specific and mandatory. If the enterprise encounters problems with compliance or risk management, it will face a double blow from its own business losses and government compliance supervision. Chinese enterprises establish and implement effective international compliance management systems, which are in line with the trends and requirements of compliance supervision under the new trends and situation. At the same time, they can effectively prevent and reduce compliance risks and international operational risks; on the other hand, they can help enterprises internationalize and adapt to globalization. development trend, maximize value, and achieve sustainable development. Establish and improve the integrated risk, internal control, compliance, and legal management system, and actively utilize advanced technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence to ensure that the informatization of corporate risk control and compliance is synchronized with the informatization of corporate operation and management, and promote corporate compliance and sustainable development.


Therefore, the China Global Compliance Summit 2024 will bring together 200+ corporate legal and compliance officers, focusing on changes and challenges in the international business environment, corporate governance and sustainable development, cultivation of a compliance and moral culture, construction of a global compliance management system, cross-border Investment compliance risk prevention, the formulation and implementation of compliance standards, the implementation path of compliance digitalization, and cases of compliance operation practices, etc., conduct in-depth discussions and exchanges through keynote speech, panel discussion, round-table discussion, online interview and other sessions. The summit will cover the latest policies and case studies in China, North America, Europe and Asia.



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