Alan LIU

Chief Compliance Officer
Tigermed Group

Alan Liu, Chief Compliance Officer, Hangzhou Tigermed Technology Co., Ltd., GC. With 16 years of domestic and foreign legal compliance experience, he is deeply involved in the legal compliance fields of leading companies in the communications, Internet, and clinical medicine industries. Master of Laws from Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands, Bachelor of Laws from Southwest University of Political Science and Law.

Worked overseas for nearly 10 years in the process of Huawei's globalization, and managed various complex litigations, tax cases and other disputes with hundreds of millions of dollars and more than a thousand cases; Starting from regulatory exploration, combined with top-down compliance system construction, he has rich practical experience in building a global compliance platform, setting up compliance committees, and building compliance systems such as export control, data security, taxation, employment, ESG, etc.; Participated in the design and leading overseas major M&A projects; building a global professional legal team, etc.