Zaizhen ZHANG

Discipline Inspection & Supervision Office Director
Shanghai Huarui Bank Co., Ltd.

Zaizhen ZHANG, born in January 1962, male, Han nationality, from Qingzhou City, Shandong Province. Communist Party members. East China College of Political Science and Law (now East China University of Political Science and Law) received a Bachelor of Laws in 1988 and a Master of Laws in 1993. Worked in the civil courts, law firms, notary offices and the StandingCommittee of the People’s Congress, and successively worked in the Shandong ProvincialDepartment of Justice, Shanghai Railway Public Security Bureau, Shanghai Railway Bureau Legal Affairs Office, Shanghai Bank Headquarters (Office of Law and Law Division, Credit Management Division, Policy and System Section of Risk Management Department, Legal Compliance Department), Shanghai Huarui Bank Legal Compliance Department. He used to be a registered corporate legal adviser and a registered corporate lawyer. He is currently the Director of the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Office, Chief Legal Research Expert and Senior Economist of Shanghai Huarui Bank Headquarters. Familiar with commercial bank loan guarantees, credit contracts, deposit business, new business, Internet finance, financial legal affairs, financial legislation, and engaged in commercial bank credit management, authorization management, system construction, contract management, compliance management, Legal management, internal control, case prevention and control, anti-money laundering and other management work. He has rich experience in legal compliance risk management of commercial banks, and has a deep understanding and perception of legal compliance work and financial risk prevention and control of small and medium-sized commercial banks in China.