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a professional event organizer


China Global Series Event

For the past 7 years, we’ve delivered 30+ excellent events focus on enterprise’s cross-border operation and globalization, more than 3000+ attendees of MNCs, SOEs, POEs and PE/VC have participated to the events and achieved valuable information and network at the China Global Series.


a professional high level summit organizer, is devoted to delivering business intelligence by creating opportunities for knowledge sharingand business networking. We firmly position ourselves as a landmark provider of B2B event service featuring China concept and high acclamation of customer.

Our experience, skill, creative vision and commercial drive have built a large portfolio of successful international events. The kind of events that ensure your brand gets maximum value from a wide stage.

Through offline events and networks, we have entered into cooperation with numerous government agencies and professional organizations to build an information sharing platform that includes one-stop services such as investment environment and policies, strategic guidance, legal and compliance guides, tax guides, M&A consulting, we are dedicated to becoming exclusive professional tool that helps corporate operate and expand globally, adding value to the business operations.